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Welcome to queen of green

Fresh flowers are wonderful but their life is short. That’s why the Queen of Green makes it easy to purchase thoughtful, long-lasting gifts with her bespoke, hand-finished pots and plants. 

Each plant pot includes a professionally laser engraved and personalised message from you. For a gift  that will continue to flower or fruit for years to come, add one of the Queen of Green’s beautiful plants.

Use the engraved message on the pot to:

  • Add the recipient’s name or date of birth for a new baby
  • Mark a special birthday or anniversary
  • Say thank you
  • Celebrate moving into a new home                                          
  • Commemorate the loss of someone special
  • The reasons are endless!

If you are looking for a beautiful, living gift that will continue to give joy for years to come, contact the Queen of Green and leaf the rest to us!

How it works

Selecting and ordering a personalised pot is easy.

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